Ashley + Brian’s Wadsworth Homestead Wedding, Geneseo, NY

Ashley + Brian’s Wadsworth Homestead Wedding, Geneseo, NY

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I clearly remember receiving Ashley’s email inquiring about their Wadsworth Homestead wedding…. I literally jumped outta my chair! I knew immediately, I wanted to be the one to document her and Brian’s incredible day. Ashley has a bubbly joy that makes it impossible not to smile when you are with her and Brian’s laid back demeanor that quickly puts you at ease.

My assistant and dear friend Rachel and I made a weekend out of our trip to Geneseo, NY. We had a great time at our little farmhouse we rented from AirBnb, full of squeaky floor boards and friendly chickens.. but that’s another story!

I was sooo excited to see the stunning venue, The Wadsworth Homestead. Goodness, I was NOT disappointed. I’ll say it a million times… PLEASE SOMEONE HIRE ME TO COME BACK HERE!! I fell in love with everything about the family owned mansion. Will, the owner, was extremely helpful and kept the day running smoothly.

Ashley and her girls had a easy going morning in the mansion. Getting ready, sipping champagne, along with the occasional spur of the moment dance party.

One of my favorite moments of a wedding day, is when the bride is getting ready, the moment she puts on that veil… it’s like everything hits her all at once, this is IT, I’M GETTING MARRIED! This was true for Ashley. The first time I noticed tears starting to form in her eyes, was the moment that veil went on.

However, that sweet moment was soon ‘one-up’d’ by one of the sweetest things I have ever witnessed, in my entire career as a photographer. The special first looked Ashley planned for her younger brother, Nick.

Before the ceremony, these two carved out a moment to spend together. And it was so special and pure. Nick had some very heartfelt thoughts to share with his sister. When I tell you, that there was not a dry eye in the room… oh yes I was right along with them in tears. 😭

Ashley and Brian knew right away that they didn’t want a first look themselves. They wanted to share that moment while walking down the isle. Now, I know from a photographer’s, logistical perspective, many of us prefer when our clients share a first look…. But I am telling you, the moment Ashley and Brian saw each other from opposite end of the aisle…. I knew, they had TOTALLY made the right choice. I’m not sure I’ve ever witnessed such an emotionally beautiful processional. The joy was literally pouring out of them both.

After the ceremony, we went straight into portraits. How awesome is that floral installation by my girl Holly at Pretty in Pink?! The flowers at this wedding were INSANELY beautiful.

Then we got the party started back at the reception. But not before some extremely emotional and heartfelt speeches from both the maid of honor, Ashley’s sister, Best man, Brian’s childhood best friend, and Ashley’s brother, Nick. Once again we were ALL in tears. I am so glad I have that big ol’ camera to hide my teary eyes behind.

I love that Ashley and her husband Brian chose to include moments in their day that felt right to them, even if it’s a little outside the ‘normal’ or ‘traditional’. It’s so important to remember that this day is about your relationship, your families, and your values. And guess what? That’s different for everyone!

So those of you that are married, what are your favorite memories of your wedding day?

Mine was late in the reception, dancing to Forever Young with my husband and the random fireworks that went off right outside our reception venue. It was a happy coincidence that I’ll always remember. 💥

Venue: The Wadsworth Homestead

Photography: Kelsey Gene Photography (Kelsey Gene Photography)

Hair: Salonagogo

MUA: AmandaLee Shamrock

Florals: Pretty in Pink

Videography: Three Sixty Views

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